In silence I watched you. Life’s seasons passing by.
Some nights glowing and radiant … as I first saw you long ago.
Some evenings with earth’s shadow laid gently on your elegant curves
as you crossed the sky…my thoughts captive in wonder…
of life on the other side. So much a mystery, so long a fascination.

When suddenly unleashed from my earthly bonds I saw another world, your hidden side. Wandering down deep valleys I touched your soul and you mine. Your mountain peaks celestial wonders revealed. Your unlocked mysteries only leading to deeper questions. A fantastic dreamscape, lovely and unreal…with gentle waters flowing where none should be. Where serene melodies filled an airless void and each breath was more intoxicating than the last. Infatuation lit the way of a journey too soon ended. Of discovery and excitement, with caution abandoned in search of a treasure once only a memory.

But I am earth-bound once more. So much left to understand. So many questions not asked, so much unanswered. As a lonely shell upon some mystic lunar shore, I long to be ocean bound. Immersed in your depths and sharing your secrets. Now I look to the sky in silence once again, close my eyes and light as a feather, fly to you.  


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